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Vitiligo Skin
Michael Jackson has always been dressed where he is completely covered since around the Thriller era. You may or may not notice in the rare occasion that Jackson has his wrists visible (most likely due to a button cuff of his shirt has been slightly opened). Now, if you missed the information regarding Jackson’s vitiligo, be sure to read about it here (thanks to Steady Laughing for the information!).

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In 2002, he was bitten by a spider, so ignore the scars as they have nothing to do with vitiligo. Michael had lent his dermatologist permission to release these photos. No surprise to me almost not many people have seen them.

This seems to be a promotional still from 1988’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ music video (note the right side of his neck).

A few candid pictures behind the scenes from the 1995 music video for ‘They Don’t Care About Us’.

In 1993, MJ granted an interview to Oprah Winfrey; something he rarely does. As the most viewed Oprah interview ever, this where Jackson first reveals that he has a skin disease, there was a clip that was never aired. I believe this was the part where he rolled up his sleeves and showed Oprah his arm.

A few candid shots from the Dangerous tour, 1992.

Two candid pictures from the Triumph tour where Michael’s very heavy stage make-up is be running. (Read more about stage make up in reference to this discussion here). People made fun of him in the 1980s because of all the make up he wore (i.e. made him look feminine) but there was a reason as to why he used it.

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