domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Joel Osteen Invites Conrad Murray for a Pray Date

Pastor numero uno Joel Osteen will have a special guest at his weekly sermon today -- none other than Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources tell TMZ the doc accused of killing Michael Jackson has been invited into Osteen's inner sanctum at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. We don't know why Osteen personally invited Dr. Murray. In fact, we're told Dr. Murray isn't sure why he was invited either ... although he's an active member of his Houston church.

We're told Murray will arrive at the church in the morning and go in through a "bunker-like" entrance -- and he won't be given the entry code until just before he arrives.

With all that security, it's almost as if Murray has a meeting with ... nevermind.

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Minha Consideração:
Por que o TMZ trata Murray como um astro de Hollywood?
hum... Por que ele é?

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  1. É....Continuo achando que ele naum é real...Tem alguém por detrás dessa máscara....


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